Finding Your Every Day Magic

As a photographer, I enjoy documenting my children and the seasons of life they are in. I want to be able to hold onto these moments forever. In this article, you will find how I create magical moments in our everyday life.


Incorporating interesting light is an amazing way to add dimension to your images. You can find different light by doing a “light-study” in your home and yard. You will do this by opening your windows and leaving them open all day and documenting what kind of light comes in at different times of the day. Go outside and document your light as well. If your light is too harsh, you can use a sheer curtain to diffuse it. If you have a harsh light beam coming in from a window, try distancing your subject from the window and shaking a piece of clothing or a blanket to create dust particles in the light beam!


Another way to create an interesting portrait at home is to find or purchase a creative tool. I like to use fairy lights to make a bokeh effect. You do this by holding the light close to the camera, in front of your subject. It can be tricky to hold the lights and shoot at the same time, so consider hanging them from the ceiling or adding more bokeh in post-processing by using an overlay or making your own overlay prior to trying this out. Other creative tools could be common household objects like blankets, plastic wrap, plastic bags, slinkies, curtains, glass cups, etc.


One of my most favorite ways to make a magical portrait of my girls is to use color repetition. Repetition is a common way in many arts other than just photography to catch the attention of an audience. Your subject breaks the repetition, leading the viewer’s eyes straight to that focal point. Find a colored wall, purchase a backdrop, or use your child’s playground slide outside. Whatever color you decide as your base, incorporate that color into their clothing. You can also find something else to accessorize and add to this repetition by using flowers, bracelets, or whatever you can think of!

Author: Brianna Merritt



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