How to Avoid Burnout and Rekindle Your Passion for Photography

Photo by Ali Hohn Photography

Recognition and financial stability are every creator's priorities. A Ritz Herald write-up showed that nearly 60% of artists have full-time or part-time employment outside of their art practice. For photographers, there’s an evident difficulty in striking a balance between personal endeavors and professional projects. When the line between those two blurs, it can cause creative stagnation and burnout.

In this article, we hope to help you avoid the negativity intrinsic to burnout. At the same time, we’ll offer insightful tips that can once again rekindle your passion for photography.

What burnout can mean for photographers

Photographers aren’t strangers to the anxiety of creating art. And when you take pictures frequently, it can most certainly lead to burnout. Burnouts result from emotional exhaustion or a lack of control and autonomy on the job. Once the feeling manifests, there’s a tendency to disengage with— or even undervalue— your own art. To impede its effects, you’ll need to understand why burnout has become pervasive. Occupational demands often come with perceived expectations. As a photographer, it isn’t atypical to conform in ways you’re expected to (like catering to your employer's instructions or posting regularly on social media).

When it comes to social media, Nina Harren has highlighted risks of frustration and envy that have unfortunately become common because of today’s digital landscape. Creativity can rarely— if at all— be measured by physical indicators. However, social media has quickened the pace of art production. Thousands of photographers on Instagram seemingly post pictures every day, and as such, you may attempt to multiply your own output. Harren explained that this is magnified by the desire to live up to the ideal presentation of those who share your profession.

When you struggle between producing art for an audience and creating art for your sake, burnout can become an inevitable outcome.

How to rekindle your passion for photography