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May Inspiration

Summer is finally here and we are so excited!! We will be officially launching our platform at the end of this month (June 30th) with our very first course, The Hustle. In addition, we will be accepting Leader application at the end of June as well. Read more about being a BEC Leader here. We are so excited to be bringing the community to life and creating a place that supports bold, emotional, colorful artists.

Our Instagram is slowly growing and the talent over there is INSANE!! Here are our most liked images from the month of May!! Congrats to everyone and keep sharing your beautiful work.

Photo by Kendra Rose Photography

Photo by Bri Schoettlin Photography

Photo by Melissa Loren

Photo by Chasing Solis Photography

Photo by Brittani Jones Photography

Photo by Nicole Park Photography

Photo by Tracy Dawn Photography

Photo by Chelsea Maras Photography

Photo by Heather Clark Photography

Photo by Stephanie Skipper Photography

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