Seasonal Photo Project by Lauren Wood

Seasonal Photo Project: A monthly photo project with images captured in the same location

I initially learned of this photography project through the Instagram community that many of us are a part of. I loved the idea of documenting one spot each month and observing the changes that occurred. We live in the mid-west, Ohio to be exact, so we experience our share of the four seasons!

When choosing my spot, I looked for surroundings that I thought would bring about change. During this time we had also just lost our 11 year old labradoodle. It was heartbreaking to say the least, but I felt a way to honor him could be to document the trail adjacent our home. We would always walk him on the trail and it became a special place for our family to spend time together. It also inspired me that there was a magnolia tree next to the start of the trail. I had always wanted to capture it in bloom!

My first image in this series started with our fur baby, Oliver. I was able to complete 9 out of the 12 months and even though I didn't fully complete this project, it inspired me to scout new locations for the next project in 2021.

There is a Seasonal Loop that runs the last Tuesday of every month where artists share their location along with a customized hashtag for their images. This year I chose a spot with water and a lot of trees - and also the opportunity to capture a sunrise or two.

Article by: Lauren Wood