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Top 100 BEC Artists of 2022

I am thrilled to share the TOP 100 BEC Artists of 2022, nominated by their peers within the BEC community. These artists stood out for their growth and for making a difference in the photography industry. We believe in community over competition here at BEC. Some of these artists are BEC Leaders and some are students of BEC. We are proud of everyone in our community and are stronger together.

BEC is an educational platform + community that offers online courses, mentorships, online workshops, presets/tools, and the BEC Magazine. These artists will be published in the BEC Winter Magazine which publishes on January 16th. Pre-orders start on January 2nd! Find out more information HERE.

Here are the TOP 100 BEC Artists of 2022 in no particular order:

Christie Grubbs

Dawn to Dusk Photography


Hannah Lopez

Hannah Lopez Photography


Amanda Highbarger

White Pines Photography


Rebecca Lueck

Becca Jean Photography


Emily Hodge

Simply Blessings Photography

Kinsey Evans

Kinsey Nicole Photography


Shalyn Kraus

Shalyn Kraus Photography


Aspen Rader

Aspen Dawn Photo


Jessica Rockowitz

Jessica Rockwitz Photography


Brianna Merritt

Brianna Merritt Photography


Karina Beck

Light and Armour Photography


Elizabeth DeVinny

Elizabeth DeVinny Photography


Sarah Wagner



Shelby Daise

Daise Photography


Nicole Geraldine

Nicole Geraldine Photography


Theresa Sherron

Theresa Sherron Photography


Michelle Close

Michelle Close Photography


Samantha Dell

Samantha J Photography

Tonya Rock

Tonya Rock Photography


Carrie Robinson

Carrie Robinson Photography


Raynie Lawson

Raynie Day Photography


Lauren Samuels

Lauren Samuels Photography


Anna Kruse

Anna Kruse Photography


Diosy Letizia

Diosy Photography


Kelsey A. Carter

Root + Wander Co Photography


Annie Nelson

Annie Nelson Photography


Lauren McKeown

Lauren McKeown Photography


Shannon McTighe

Shannon McTighe Photography


Cassie Quinn

Cassie Lee Photographs


Jessi Ingram

Jessi Marie Photography


Christina Werner

Verily Photography


Leslie Fernandez

Leslie Fernandez Photography


Amy Wright

Creating this Life Photography


Suneeta Ames

Suneeta Ames Photography

Kayla Leake

Kayla Leake Photography


Andee Rettele

Mary Bell Studios


AnnaMarie Stephens

Wandermama Photography


Jena Langer

Jena Langer Photography


Rebekah Melancon

Rebekah Melancon Photography


Adrienne Hearn (Levise)

Fire Grace Photography


Birgit DeVae

DeVae Photography


Dani Napert

Dani Napert Photography

Jennifer Sapountsis

Jennifer Alyssa Photography


Brittany Grubbs

BG Visuals


Anngee Dreiling

Anngee Dreiling Photography


Samantha Maye Take A Photo

Lindsey Biza

Lindsey Biza Photography


Christina Landini

Christina Landini Photography


Brittany Reyes

Unspeakable Joy Motherhood


Shahin Espinosa

Shahin Espinosa Photography


Lauren Newman

Lauren Newman Photography


Jenelle Aceti

Janelle Aceti Photography


Elaina Baer

Boho Baer Photography


Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor Studios


Bailey Beaulieu

Grand Adventure Photography


Anna Magis-Agosta

Anna Liseth Photography, LLC


Sarah Cornish

My Four Hens Photography


Chelcie McFarland

Chelcie McFarland Photography


Olga Myronets

Olly Myro photography


Kayla Locke

Locke Photography

Alexa Frazier

Alexa Leigh Photography


Katie Mikolowski

Addie and Kay Photography


Nicole Paprocki

Nicole Paprocki Photography


Rebecca Snyder

Rebecca Snyder Photography


Breann Plamondon

Willa and Me Photography


Christine Mathews

Christine Mathews Photography


Brittany Wick

Five Acre Photography


Simone Barr



Lori Henriod

Lori Henriod Photography


Autumn Goranov

Autumn Goranov Photography


Kara Bonura

Kara B. Photography

Andrea Moore

Love to the Moon Photography


Heather Lane

Heather Lane Photography


Cass Croot

Cassidy Croot Photo


Laryn Bellar

Laryn Bellar Photography


Mary Stephens

Mary Anne Stephens Photography


Tessa Anderson



Alyson Jensen

23rd Avenue Photography


Stephanie Tomlinson

Olive Branch Photography


Rachael Scott-Burdick

Rachael Scott Photography


Caitlin Bulman

Caitlin Faith Photography


Kayla Pontier

Kayla Pontier Photography


Michell Wannemacher

Michelle Lynn Photography

Kendra Rose

Kendra Rose Photography


Megan Boggs

Hello Megan Boggs


Brandi Richardson

Brandi Richardson Photography


Alana White

Alana White Photography


Samantha Simpkins

Astrid Photography

Marisela Alanis

My Dear Cactus Photography


Peyton Moore

Peyton Moore Photography


Becca Meredith

Paper Tiger Photography



Happy Hippo Photography


Katie Barbier

Katie Barbier Photography


Destiny Morel

Destiny Morel Photography


Heather Clark

Heather Clark Photography


Leah Potts

Leah Potts Photography


Tayllour Adkins

The Honey & Bee Photography


Jennifer McNab

Jennifer McNab Photography


Lindsay Lago

Lindsay Lago Photography


Captured by Claudia

Captured by Claudia


These artists have worked so hard this past year and deserve recognition!

We are honored to have them a part of the BEC Community.

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