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TOP 25 BEC Artists of 2021

In 2021, we launched our BEC platform with a mission to Inspire, Create and Educate other Artists. We have been able to create community with a support system with leaders who go above and beyond. Our team has grown to a total of 11 leaders this year. Hand selected, the best of the best, who have now all become one family. We continue to make this community a better place for photographers of all skill level around the world.

In 2022, we will be launching our FIRST online courses starting January 17th!! Our leaders have been working so hard to bring you amazing content and share their secrets to success. We are dedicated to making BEC more than just your average photographer platform. Together we can make the world a more colorful place.

We wanted to take a moment and recognize these amazing artists that worked very hard this year to stand out among the crowd. Their work inspired so many and we want to say THANK YOU for being apart of the BEC Community. Make sure to follow them....

Here are the TOP 25 BEC Artists of 2021....

Swathi Peddi Photography

Hannah Sanchez Photography

Lo Photo Birth

My Lovebug Photography

Kendra Rose Photography

Anna Liseth Photography

Lisa Rhea Photography

Heather Lane Photography

White Pine Photography

Shutter Darling Photography

Archer Dean Photography

Megan Renee Photography

Alex Tenlen Photography

Willow Rae Photography

Jessi Marie Photography

Jenelle Aceti Photography

Chasing Solis Photography

Mal Jack Photography

Natalie Briana Photography

Stacey Rohman Photography

Rosedahl Photography

Ashley Navarro Photography

Hillary Wipperman Photography

Nicole Paprocki Photography

Tessa Rae Photography

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