“What should we wear?” - every client

If photographers had a dollar for every client that asked those 4 little words, they wouldn’t have to shoot anymore! The answer to that question is really quite simple, but can feel overwhelming to some. We get it! Style & Select was created to help photographers and their clients visually see how items coordinate for everyone in the session and links them directly to the retailers' items for easy purchasing. Styling for a photoshoot is the most stressful thing a client experiences when booking a session and it can make or break their session when delivering their gallery. Most of the time, whether a client loves or hates their photos, rests heavily on their outfit choices. Clients want the guidance and assistance, and let's face it, photographers want their clients to show up in incredible outfits!

So, what is Style & Select exactly and how does it work? This digital and shoppable style guide is a 24/7 personal stylist working for you and your clients and the best part is – it's fun! The questionnaire is used to gather information about the people in the session to show corresponding outfit results. The results page is shown immediately and displays 40+ carefully curated outfit items per person and features a style board at the top of the page. The style board is your coordination tool that your favorites will populate to upon selecting them, which is how you see everyone's outfits side by side! The results page also features a helpful “Styling Tips” button in the bottom right corner to assist you or your clients in coordinating tips and what to pair together. Once the perfect outfit combination has been picked you can email the results to your client (or if the client is the one styling, they will email the results to themselves). You, the photographer, will receive a copy in your inbox, as well! Some photographers style and email different style boards to their clients and some photographers give their clients access after the booking process so the client can pick their own outfits! It can be used either way or a combination of both.