So many artists struggle with consistency in editing. It is such an important aspect of our businesses & can be quite overwhelming for most of us. Don't worry! I'm going to touch on three reasons why consistency in photo editing can be a game changing remedy for you!


Lets get started!

First, lets talk about THE FLOW OF YOUR WORK. How your work flows together, especially on social media platforms can make or break how your followers view your business. Developing an actual workflow will help you predict exactly how the images you're taking will look. This starts before you even pick up your camera & begin shooting. Having a plan is part of having a steady work flow. Go into your shoots knowing what kind of look you are trying to achieve & be confident in obtaining this look! Once you are done with your session, you can take it back to the lab for editing! When I say lab, I mean your couch or desk - where all the magic happens. This brings me to our next point..... but first have a look at some work from our very own #beccommunity that flows beautifully together. You can tell these photographers planned for these sessions; from the outfit choices right down to the lighting. Just stunning!


Understanding camera settings & the exposure triangle will help you build a work flow that you are confident in. Practice shooting in different lighting & prepare a shoot specifically created for what you are aiming to produce.


On to the next point!

AESTHTIC. In my opinion, this is the most important part of consistency. It also ties right in with your work flow & how your work flows together. I work super hard to discover new aesthetic looks when it comes to my art. I love that we have the ability to choose our own vibe for each session. This power is totally underrated. When I'm in the zone & creating a look for my vision.. I feel powerful & confident in knowing that this session will look fabulous when finished. Creating my own presets after I find a look that I love is a must. This allows me to use this same look again in the future! Speaking of presets, they are the perfect choice if you are having trouble finding an aesthetic for your work. Many photographers use presets as a base to set off their sessions when editing. The key is not to use more than one preset per session. If you switch up your preset mid-editing, this can be very confusing to your clients as they do not understand why the look of your work may have changed. Consistency is key! Just look at this adorable session. The use of creamy brown tones in these images is literal perfection!