Shooting from the Soul

Mapping Emotions and Prompting Authenticity in Family Photography

In this course...

Chances are, you are anticipating a course that will offer you the answers to shooting authentically. As artistic as it is technical, this course offers more than a quick answer. It is a comprehensive insight and my signature process to sharpen your skills photographing an impactful session. I will walk you through the complete essentials to a gallery more than beautiful locations and wardrobe - but also building a story-worthy, heart pumping gallery your clients will cherish for years to come. More than moments, the proven process of building prompts on the go that is relatable for any session. 


Dive in if you are ready to : 


  1. Create tried and true authentic and genuine prompts without memorizing lists or awkwardly stumbling.

  2. Engage and connect with clients with strong command over the flow of your photo session. ( Be the most confident YOU )

  3. Elevate your style and method for an incredible overall experience for your clients

  4. Create connections and initiating prompts that are meaningful, breaking stagnancy in the process.


From connections, finding moments that matter, prompt building, mapping emotions and  controlling chaos in a family session - this 100 page PDF comes with most often ignored elements to a successful session - attracting the right market and building a rapport that keeps your client loyal to you, not your prices. 


Come along on this adventure with me...


Course Outline:

  • Building a client loyal to you and not your prices by weaving connections and honing impactful rapport.

  • Have clients that TRUSTS YOU and your vision.

  • Map Emotions and Cues to place yourself as a master at your craft, even if you are still learning!

  • The Formula to Effective Storytelling in your family session.

  • Weaving Connections in your sessions for relatable, meaningful imagery.

  • Signature Processes to build PROMPTS on the go, at any time! No more pretending to check your phones.

  • Embracing Chaotic Moments and producing beautiful imagery in messy situations.

  • Social Media Audit to attract the right CLIENTS for you!

  • Ways to Elevate your galleries using a few simple steps.

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What's Included?


  • 100 page, detailed downloadable PDF 


  • Finding the Moments 

  • Purposeful Preparation  

  • The Atlas of Storytelling 

  • Prompt Building 

  • Controlling Chaos

Editing Videos

  • Over 60 minutes of  “Hand Edited” Lightroom and Photoshop Editing Videos


  • Signature Prompt Building and Storytelling Processes


  • Client Questionnaire

  • Wardrobe and Styling Guide

  • Photography Cost of Doing Business Sheet

  • Photography Shortcut for Photoshop


  • Four LIVE Classroom Session recordings that includes Price Calculation, Fighting Burn Out, Editing Software Reviews & Effective Client Interactions/Scripts.

BTS Video

 1 Behind the Scenes Video


  • Audio assistance 


Meet Your


Chances are you have passed by Suneeta and would never consider her extraordinary. But ordinary life made her special, as familial connections and loyal clients never escape her grasp. As a mother of 2 with an absolute hatred of wearing bows, Suneeta knows how to turn lemons into lemon cakes in her lifestyle family photo shoots.

Dubbed "Sunny'' by most of her clients, the sun, sand and smile are often what you can anticipate in her imagery. Almost 4 years as a professional photographer, this girl thrives by growing with her community and teaching others to succeed despite their circumstances. Suneeta is sought for her warm embraces and calm composure. 

“Stories should be of perspectives. The wonderful wardrobe and incredible locations are secondary”

What are Student's Saying?

“Five Stars!!!"

Jennifer Tolson/ BEC Student

"Amazing content! So much information packed into this course! A great price for what’s all included."

Andrea Brickey/ BEC Student

"Honestly this course is such a great deal for the $… even with my Canadian exchange rate lol! She’s very thorough when she explains and is very well written. I love how she included audio with the PDF 😊 Can’t wait for what’s next!"

Alison Tucker/ BEC Student

"Amazing content! So much value packed in! Suneeta does a great job explaining everything. She doesn't make it technical, its like I'm having a chat with my friend!"

Ashley Rampulla/ BEC Student

"This course is amazing. I have purchased many courses before and not completed them- because they just weren’t “me”. This one is different. In the first five minutes, I said “oh my gosh, this is the one!” and digging deeper just proved it to be true. Suneeta put SO much thought into this. Every detail is accounted for. She teaches (and shoots) from the soul. It covers everything. I can’t believe it was so cheap- because it’s worth it’s weight in gold."

Mindy Wiseman/ BEC Student

"Shooting from the Soul really spoke to my heart. I devoured the class with Suneeta in my ear and can’t wait to really practice the exercises to inspire me in this season!"

Stephanie Clark/ BEC Student

"Much like Suneeta herself, this coursework feels honest, warm, and informative. It has been incredibly helpful and has focused my intentions in the right direction. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about purchasing it to do so. You will not be disappointed."

Kazhmir Injaian/ BEC Student

"This is such a beautiful course! The price is incredible for the value. Suneeta is a beautiful soul and wonderful educator. I highly recommend this course for all photographers."

Taylor Neville/ BEC Student

"Wooowww!!! Sooo sooo much GOOD info! I’ve been wanting to move my business to the storytelling side but wasn’t completely sure on how to do it! Suneeta explains everything so well in this course! It’s JAM packed with such amazing info!!! Sooo sooo happy with this course!"

Kashia Courville/ BEC Student

"I am blown away at the amount of value that is packed in this course! This is the missing link in my editing! I can not wait to implement what I learned from watching her photograph a family. I am extremely thankful for the time and effort Suneeta put into this course. It's worth 10x the amount she is charging. Don't wait for another second, buy this course now! You will not regret it!"

Tesla Burkett/ BEC Student

"Suneeta has poured her heart and soul into this!!! She authenticity offers so much information and helpful content including tips on photo editing. I highly recommend this course!"

Jenna Kail/ BEC Student

"I’ve taken so many classes since starting my photography journey but none have been as heart centered as this course. Suneeta has such a way of explaining and really taking the time to educate in the most confident but loving way, I want to be her when I grow up! I also love the free resource bonus, my clients are loving the Wardrobe guide! This course is worth thousands! Thank you!"

Elizabeth Combs/ BEC Student

"Y'all TAKE THIS CLASS. It has completely transformed my whole process and gave me the boost I was lacking. It has completely changed my workflow from how my website is set up, to how I answer customer inquiries. Her mindset is exactly the influence I was needing. Thank you Suneeta!!!"

Agnes Dykstra/ BEC Student

"I loved this course. It felt like sitting down with a good friend giving you warm advice. Suneeta is exceptional. The care and warmth and information she put into this course is worth more than it’s weight in gold. It’s a steal of a deal for the price. The course material really gave me some things to work on, and I want to read it again and again! You cannot go wrong with this course. The editing video will make you so comfortable with everything you need to make a BEC image!"

Cara Hinton/ BEC Student

"Talk about INSPIRING! I completed Suneeta's course and my images transformed, I feel, OVERNIGHT. There is SO much that Suneeta offers in this course and it is all pure gold. I took her simple tips and tricks to heart as well as her practice homework and felt as though my shooting and demeanor during my sessions completely shifted. Focusing on those little moments and not stressing over getting that "perfect shot". I will definitely be reviewing her course again and again and can not recommend this course enough! Thank you Suneeta!"

Lori Henriod/ BEC Student