Styling with Intention

with Jessi Ingram

"Are you tired of your clients showing up to their sessions in unflattering, ill-fitting, drab wardrobe? If so, then "Styling with Intention" is the course for you. I will walk you through my seamless and easy process of how to get your clients session ready in beautifully styled wardrobe that you've helped them select. Have stubborn clients who won't budge on clothing they've selected for their shoot? You will gain the tools you need in order to have a positive dialogue regarding styling with a difficult and resistant clients. 


In my 100 page PDF, I will show you personal examples from past sessions that not only teach you what colors photographs best, but also how I've integrated the right patterns and textures into my clients wardrobe for added visual interest. I also will discuss saying no to styling guides, and why I think they aren't effective. After finishing this course, you will have the confidence you need to walk with your clients through their pre-session styling journey without owning a client closet."

What you will learn:


1. How to fully style your clients from head-to-toe without utilizing a client closet

2. How to pair different colors, patterns and textures using example boards and images from my own personal sessions

3. How to communicate with your client about their not-so-great wardrobe choices

4. How to get your client to show up to their session looking amazing


Course Outline:

  • How to create a seamless, styling process for your clients

  • Preparing your clients for their pre-session styling journey with you

  • How to have a positive dialogue with stubborn clients regarding poor wardrobe choices

  • What to say to clients when you don't like what they're wearing to their session

  • Why you should "Just Say No to Styling Guides" and reasons why I don't think they're effective

  • What colors photograph the best 

  • How to incorporate the right patterns and textures into your clients wardrobe

  • My step-by-step styling process

  • 3 challenges to help jump-start what you learned in this course

  • My system when backing up client images

  • What's in my camera bag, and why for me, simplicity is best

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What's Included?


  • 100 page, 4 part downloadable PDF

Editing Videos

  • 2 editing videos 

BTS Video

  • 1 Behind the Scenes Video with Styled Family

  • What's in my camera bag? A BTS video going over what I shoot with

  • BTS video going over the importance of having a image backup system in place


  • Meet the Artist Intro Video

  • A Q&A video going over frequently asked questions about my styling process


  • Styling Questionnaire for your Clients


  • A list of my favorite clothing websites for clients


  • 10% off coupon for my full price, online editing mentorship


Meet Your


I’m Jessi Ingram. A lifestyle family + maternity photographer from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 5 years now, and together we raise my wonderful nine-year old son. My photography journey started 7 years ago when a friend gifted me my first DSLR camera. I became obsessed with taking pictures. This obsession went from hobby, to the full-blown business I operate today. 

"Focus on what you can control at a session, not what you can't"

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