The Unposed Approach

with Rebekah Melancon

      Have you ever showed up to a session and struggled to think of poses? I know I have. After a ton of trial and error, I feel I have my session flow down to a science. But it wasn't always that way! So I have broken down my process step by step for you guys! In this class you will find how I prepare for sessions, the importance of wardrobe, guiding a seamless family session, and more!


Course Outline:

  • Learn what gear is in my bag, and other goodies to help me during sessions!

  • What programs and tools I use to achieve my style!

  • How I best prepare for a seamless session!

  • Why you should be sending questionnaires and letting your client get to know you!

  • How I style my clients, including shops I love and links to my Amazon favorites!

  • Attracting YOUR client.

  • Choosing the best locations for your sessions!

  • How I set up my sessions for success!

  • General Session Flow

  • How I deal with Dads and keeping family members engaged

  • The importance of how you are speaking to your clients

  • 7 challenges to practice the unposed style

  • 1 free black and white preset

  • 10% coupon to my mentorship, The Crash Course

  • Album Critique video with BEC Community Member

  • Voiced Over Behind the Scenes Video

  • Culling Video

  • Intro to Dodge and Burn Video

  • Q&A Video


What's Included?


  • 100 page, detailed downloadable PDF packed with remarkable information


  • 7 Challenges to Practice the Unposed Style

Editing Videos

  • Culling Video

  • Intro into Dodge & Burn


  • Black & White Preset



  • 10% off a mentorship with Rebekah for anyone who purchases this course

BTS Video

  • Voiced OVER BTS 


  • Pre-Recorded Q&A Video

  • Album critique video with BEC member

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." -Rumi


Meet Your


Hi, I'm Rebekah! I was born in Florida but raised in Arkansas. Growing up, I was usually outside barefoot running around with my brothers and sisters, probably catching snakes or playing with our goats. My brothers and sisters definitely helped shape who I am today!  In high school, I was always doing something artistic, whether it be drawing or paint. I joined the Army afterwards. and spent four years in, including 9 months in Afghanistan. I met my husband while in the military and had my daughter Rosalie. When I got out of the Army, I was home with my daughter a lot, and missed having an artistic outlet. This is when I started photography, on an old canon rebel t6 my twin sister gave me. I fell in love with everything involved in photography at a very quick rate. I even dropped out of college to do it fulltime. I now live in Arkansas with my little family and dogs, and wouldn't have it any other way.

What are Student's Saying?

"This course was absolutely EVERYTHING I needed! It was more of a reassurance to me that I am on the right path. But I also learned so many great things that I would have never thought of. Rebekah really poured her all into it & I'm very grateful for all the information that I can use in future sessions."

Yecenia Robinson / BEC Student

"WOW! WOW! Rebekah knocked this out of the park with this one!!! I’ve always loved the “unposed” photographs and always wondered how this was achieved! While I’m currently incorporating some of this in my sessions, Rebekah really showed things that I never even thought of! Not only does she explain how she’s doing things before, during and after the sessions but she gives you challenges to do!!! I will definitely be taking these challenges and implementing them in my sessions! This course exceeded my expectations for sure!"

Kashia Courville / BEC Student

"This course was filled with so many helpful details related to running a smooth and stress free portrait session. I can't wait to take Rebekah's advice and try out her ideas for my next family session."

Jenna Kail / BEC Student