The Wonders of Water

with Brianna Merritt

In this course, we are going to dive into how water works with light, Go Pro underwater photography, session prep for beach sessions, and so much more. You’re going to get insight to how I direct sessions, what I do when something doesn’t go as planned, and be inspired to turn yourself into a mermaid with a camera. You will receive detailed behind the scenes videos of myself directing sessions and encouraging clients. I will be filling you in on how I adjust my settings during sessions, how I utilize creative angles, and how much thought and care I put into valuing the safety and boundaries of the families in front of my lens. 


Have you considered adding value to your sessions, perfecting your settings, and becoming a mermaid all at the same time? With my years of experience and success I can help you become the artist you want to be. If you want to have fun and learn, this is the course for you!  

Course Outline:

This course is for you if you are wanting...

  • ​How I direct sessions and encourage my clients 

  • How I style sessions including maternity, family, and motherhood
    My settings and how/why I adjust them 

  • Tips on shooting in the water and underwater

  • 10% off my mentorships

  • One voice-over behind the scenes maternity session

  • One voice-over behind the scenes family beach session

  • One voice-over behind the scenes motherhood sink bath session

  • Session prep advice for you and your clients

  • Session Flow

  • How to adapt to changes in plans or unexpected situations during your sessions

  • How to expose for the sky without sacrificing skin tones

  • Fun ways to incorporate straws into summer sessions 

  • Using light, angles, and direction to elevate your session experience and storytelling

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What's Included?


  • 100-page downloadable PDF


  • 4 creative challenges

BTS Video

  • 3 voice-overs behind the scenes sessions


  • 10% off a mentorship with myself


  • Session Prep guidance

  • Session Direction guidance

  • Adapting to the unexpected 


  • Using objects to create interesting images


  • How I resize images/extend backgrounds for social media

Editing Video

  • One Editing Video 


Meet Your


I’m Brianna Merritt. I am a mom to three beautiful girls. I have truly found the person I was always meant to be within my children. They are my biggest influencers. My photography journey began when I had my first daughter, Paisley. She grew so fast, I felt like I could blink, and she would sprout two more inches. I began to document all her moments. They meant everything to me, and I never wanted to forget every detail, small and big, about her in those very moments. I haven’t slowed down any and now I have two additional lovely ladies to document as well. I take moments and turn them into meaningful art. Pictures aren’t meant for seeing, they’re meant to be felt. That starts with capturing the real and true moments that don’t require much direction. 

“The deeper the waters are, the more still they run.” – Korean Proverb

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