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More than just the basics.


Proof to Profit: IPS for On-Location Photographers
with Suneeta Ames

Join Suneeta in a workshop that offers an overview of how to maximize profit potential by utilizing In-Person Sales and adding products and value to your services. This goes over planning and preparation, value proposition, Photoshoot, and Sales Session for the lifestyle photographer without over needing a studio. Curate samples effectively with little budget and sell with quality laboratories. Attract clients who are willing to spend and shift your business for high-impact sales with proven techniques, templates, non-sales sales pitches, and delivery of services. 

Available April 1st - April 30th, 2023

$200 Enrollment

How do Workshops Work?

Bold, Emotional, Colorful is now offering online workshops created by BEC Leaders. Workshops are a more in-depth learning experience than a self-guided courses. These workshops are designed for BEC Artists wanting to get a more personal learning experience.


Our workshops are available for 4-weeks with a BEC Leader and closes after that month is up. Our leaders will take you through step-by-step lessons, offer challenges to apply what you are learning, and offer feedback as needed. Our leaders are selected for these workshops due to their expertise.


The content will be broken up into 4 weeks. BEC Artists are recommended to review one week at a time. This is done so you have time to reflect on what you have learned and apply it accordingly. Leaders may choose to have weekly check-ins for those who have questions.


Once the workshops are over, you will still have access to the materials to review as needed in the future. 

Every month we have a new workshop!

Photoshop Workshop
with Theresa Sherron

Available May 1st - May 31st, 2023.

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